Entry #2

Yes, I am in Fact Dead.

2015-01-20 10:52:41 by leakyduck

I've just finished the first week of my triumphant return to our educational system. I'd like to tell you all that this is the reason that I haven't been posting, but we all know better than that. Truth is, I'm a lazy bastard. It's ok we can all be honest here i'm a big boy I can take it. That's why i'm back in college; to fix the dismotivated laziness that i've seem to succumb to. That however doesn't mean i've given up on my drawing and posting here. I hope rather that the opposite will come to fruition. I've actually been drawing more than i have in a while between classes and on my lunches and if things keep going well for me i'll hopefully rise from my stagnant ashes in the form of some sort of digital peonix trapped inside a stupid person. or some bullshit like that. I really don't know what is going to become of my artwork here on newgrounds, but i'm sure that it can't get any worse amirite? Maybe i'll post some of the traditional doodles i've been doing here soon, but for now the siren like call of mathematics is drawing me back into her loving stranglehold. To anyone that actually gets to the end of this sleep deprived rambling... Thank You. You probably have an infinite amount more faith in me than i do in myself. 


-Ken OUT!


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